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I am a graphic designer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I enjoy working with a diverse range of media from installation to web. Process is an integral part of my practice as I define each problem through research and extensive visual studies. I am interested in how individuals perceive reality based on a spatial experience constructed by social, historical, and cultural archetypes and expectations. I believe that effective design is a collaboration between the designers and the client. 


The following are examples of my work in both educational and professional spheres.


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The University of Tennessee



BFA Graphic Design

Minor in Spanish

Concentration in Marketing

Brock Scholars Honors Program

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola


Cusco, Peru

Summer Study Abroad

professional experience

EJP Consulting Group Analyst/Designer

          Current 2021


Chattanooga Design Studio Intern 

Spring 2021

UTC Communications and Marketing Web Content Editor 



University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Honors Research Fellowship

Fall 2018, 2019


Senior BFA Thesis Show

2021: Institute of Contemporary Art

Full Bleed

2020: Online Exhibition

Year of the Metal Rat

2020: Contemporary Cress

Command Z

2019: Apothecary Gallery

UTC Juried Exhibition

2019: Cress Gallery


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