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During an internship with Chattanooga Design Studio spring of 2021, I was the primary designer of the Westside Community Evolves print and media. Carrying on the visual strategy from the previous designer, I designed social media posts, posters, handouts, and postcards for the Westside neighborhood in downtown Chattanooga. The community is primarily subsidized and low-income housing, and has been a largely neglected area of town despite its rich history and culture.


One of my main tasks was to inform the public and residents of upcoming workshops and events where their voice could be heard and the residents could have a say in the future of their neighborhood. I also designed a timeline of the community, a survey summary of neighborhood data, a folder containing an activity book and other materials for community workshops, posters for planning workshops, an updated website layout and content, and materials for 4 Bridges Art Fair.

Click on the images below for more details.

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